Hello Sunshine ☼

I’m Shari, The Creator of Lightened Up Life.


Welcome to my happy place!

I am a New York State licensed Clinical Psychologist as well as a certified Nutritional Health Coach.  I am also a breast cancer survivor, and someone who has spent most of her life challenged with issues with fatigue and excess weight. So late one night in January 2017, I start a Facebook group for people who wanted to share healthy recipes and food finds to further our health goals. I was hoping that there might be others out there who would like to share their ideas as well and we could learn from each other. Fast forward over 2 years later and the Facebook group has grown to over 100,000 followers, as well an as Instagram page with over 16,000 followers, a blog that launched in May 2018 called Fun Diet Food Finds, and a weekly email newsletter. This growth astonished me, but it really speaks to the number of people who are really focused creating good health.



How it all began…

Toward the end of 2018, I asked myself what I wanted for my life going forward. I realized that have spent many years feeling weighed down from illness and fatigue, and excess physical and emotional weight. The answer was quick and clear! I want to feel LIGHT! I wanted to feel light in my mind, body, and spirit! On January 1, 2019, I started a daily Lighten Up Activities list and have been putting it into practice every day.  I love the results and I wanted to share them with my online community for anyone who wants to join me in this journey to Lighten Up our lives!

Up until this point, my former blog had been exclusively food related, but now I am feeling the need to expand the focus to include big and small daily tips so that we can all Lighten Up our whole lives! I decided to create a new blog name to reflect this change, Lightened Up Life! As I was evolving, the blog needed to evolve too. While Fun Diet Food Finds served us well, Lightened Up Life is a whole mind, body, and spirit lifestyle shift. It still has all the great recipes and food finds, but adds a whole new lifestyle dimension.

My happy place is even better now, all light and fun and will bring massive smiles to your face and joy to your heart.  I know it does to mine each and every day.

So come join me on the journey!


Start Lightening Up Your Life!