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“So yummy and versatile.”

Without Shari, I never would have found the 2 ingredient dough! That recipe has changed the way I feel about my "pizza splurge". So yummy and so versatile. Even my husband agrees, and that says something when it's from an Italian. Keep up the great work Shari! We all appreciate you!

— Jill R.

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“I’m glad I’m trying new foods.”

Shari girl you sure started something!!! Keep sharing your recipes because this acorn squash recipe is giving me life! It’s sooo good! I’m glad I’m trying new foods. 

— Judy W.

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“You made my day!”

Thank you so much!!! I'm loving the group already and was up till I couldn't keep my eyes open! Then up again early this morning! I can't wait to try some of the great recipes!!! You made my day. Thank you for this wonderful site! It is truly GREAT!

— Laurie K.

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“I already feel the weight off my shoulders.”

It’s amazing how just a few simple life tips can make SO MUCH of a difference. I’ve been stressed, overworked, and putting my needs on the back burner for a couple of years now. After talking with Shari and implementing her simple tips, I already feel the weight off my shoulders. If you feel the way I have been, you’re in the right place.

— Denika P.

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“Tons of energy and heart!”

Recently found Shari’s group by accident—happily the best kind of accident! Shari’s a talented group leader with tons of energy and heart. Mix in her fabulous recipes, a vast knowledge of how to modify recipes for any need, and a positive and encouraging attitude and we have the best of the best leading the way to finding a healthy lifestyle. Fun, food, and fantastic finds—it’s all here in Shari’s group.

— Barbara S.

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Simple and delicious!”

Thank you Shari! What I love most about the recipes you share is they are so simple and delicious with just a few ingredients. You’re awesome! I can’t tell you how many recipes (from other sites) I don’t use because the ingredient lists are so long. I love your recipes because I like to keep it simple. Seriously, I am at the store right now, on my way home from WW meeting, getting the things for your cauliflower soup - it is AMAZING! 

— Karen H.

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