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Exciting Changes

I have been working on exciting changes to the blog! Starting with a brand new name, and an important new section, it’s going to serve you better than ever before. Not only will we still have all the content you are used to with great recipes, food finds, and how to eat healthy while in restaurants, but I’ve also expanded to include a Lifestyle Section with Fun Life Tips that will help us all lighten up our whole life not just our food life.

Welcome to!

Let me explain...

Toward the end of 2018, I asked myself what I wanted for my life going forward. I have spent many years feeling weighed down from illness, fatigue, and excess physical and emotional weight. The answer was quick and clear! I want to feel LIGHT! I wanted to feel light in my mind, body, and spirit! Hence, Lightened Up Life was born.


The Spiral Notebook

On January 1st, I took out a spiral notebook and colored the cover with my Lighten Up motto. Each day, I wrote 1-3 quick actions that I would take that day to lighten up my life.  Choosing to only write 1-3 items a day, no more and no less, was completely strategic. I knew that I could take at least one action everyday, so that built in immediate success. I also knew that if I wrote more than three, it wouldn’t be light and fun anymore, it would become more of an obligation and would never last.


3 is The Magic Number

I told myself that even if I did more than three in a day (which I actually do many days), I can still only write down three.  The reason for this is because I know myself well, I get so excited in the beginning and I’d be doing ten things in a day! But if I wrote ten things on the paper, then I would feel that I would have to match that or beat it the next day, and so on. That would be a recipe for self sabotage! So I can do as many Lighten Up activities as I want each day, but I can only commit to 1-3.  That’s it!


5 Examples of Lighten Up Activities

Every morning around breakfast time, I sit down with my Lighten Up notebook and list my 1-3 activities.  Lighten Up Activities can be absolutely ANYthing that makes you feel lighter in mind, body, or spirit (or all three). Here are 5 examples of some of mine:

Click each activity to get further details.

  1. Choose foods that make me feel light today


2. Listen to five minutes of stand-up comedy

You can listen on Youtube, Alexa, Netflix, etc.


Don’t be fooled…

Don’t be fooled into thinking these are too quick, simple, or silly to be effective! Just pick one of them, close your eyes, and let yourself feel into the experience. Imagine that friend who always makes you laugh. Does a smile come across your face? It’s already working and you haven’t even done it yet!


These little things, change your energy, your body chemistry, your creativity, and your mood. So simple, yet so incredibly effective!


This is not another to-do list

This is not another to-do list, and it is not about pushing yourself, it is about allowing lightness to come into your life. If I feel like I’m pushing, and it’s becoming a to-do list, I stop.  I don’t put anything on my daily list that feels like a “should”. The only things I write down are things that make me feel lighter when I think about them and feel into the experience of doing them.


What Has Lightening Up Done For Me?

In the time since starting my Lighten Up Lifestyle, I have more energy, my days are more joyful, less stressed, and I have even lost a few pounds!

If all of this sounds good to you, I will be blogging tons of tips, to lighten up your life, in addition to all of the food related content you are used to seeing! So follow along and join me on the journey, on my expanded blog, newly named...


Ready to Lighten Up YOUR Life?

If you want to join in on the fun, download the PDF below to start making your own daily Lightened Up Daily Activities or just use a notebook. Remember, even if you write just 1 Lightened Up Activity per day, that lasts for 1 minute of your time, you are living the Lightened Up Lifestyle and you will see it start to take shape in your life!

Download Your Weekly Lightened Up Life Activities List


Let’s Lighten Up together!