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I know it's summertime when I start craving iced tea! For years, as soon as the temperature went over 70 degrees, I’d head straight for Dunkin Donuts and get a large iced tea with extra ice, 2 sweet & lows, and 4 pieces of lemon.  That was my exact order. I loved it, still do. But I realized it was far cheaper, quicker, and easier to make a large batch of iced tea at home, and I didn’t need all the sweeteners. (Sorry my southern sweet tea drinkers, I am a New Yawker after all!)

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I started playing around with Celestial Seasonings fruity flavored teas.  I started mixing and matching different flavors.  They have so many fruit flavored varieties and even have a sampler pack.  My favorite is mixing Black Cherry Berry and Wild Berry Zinger. For single flavors, I love Country Peach Passion and Lemon Zinger. They also have tons of other flavors to choose from! Other companies make great flavors as well, I just happen to love my Celestial Seasonings teas.

And of course it is 0SP and 0 calories!

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8 tea bags Celestial Seasonings Tea of your choice (mixed or single flavors)



Put all 8 tea bags in a very large mug.  Pour boiling water to the top and let the whole mix steep for at least an hour. Then pour it all into a gallon size pitcher and fill to the top with water.  Mix well and store in the refrigerator. When it’s cold, fill your favorite glass with ice and pour yourself a delicious glass of fruity iced tea. I love it unsweetened but you sure can sweeten it up if you’d like to.  You can also add lemon wedges or sliced fruit to it as well for more flavor and color!

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Here’s a little secret...I have saved Dunkin Donuts cups and poured my iced tea into them.  It’s still fun drinking from a DD cup but for a fraction of the cost!

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