8 Light & Delicious Homemade Salad Dressings

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I love salad dressings, but most of them are so high in fat and calories that I used to avoid them, opting for plain vinegar or light bottled dressings.  Those are still fine choices, but I realized that you can make great homemade flavorful dressings that taste so much better than plain vinegar, and don’t have all of the chemicals and preservatives of the light bottled dressings.  Homemade also always tastes so much fresher and more delicious than anything you could find in a bottle.


In the Spotlight

I recently created a summer salad series which featured each of these dressings along side of a featured salad.  But I realized that these dressings deserved to be front and center in their own rite.

These flavor-filled dressings are all low calorie, low point (WW), and high in delicious flavor!

Bonus: You can use any of these dressings as marinades or dipping sauces.  

Want Some Salad With That Dressing?

If you want all these dressings with a perfect salad counterpart, check out my Summer Salad series recap!


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