PB and Cheese Cracker Bites

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I used to love those peanut butter and cheese crackers that come in a package of 6.  You know, the ones you can get from a vending machine or convenience store. They aren’t the healthiest of snacks, so I happily recreated a healthy version of them!  These tasty little bites will become your go-to guilt free snack anytime of day! They are fun, super quick to make, and easy to throw in a ziploc for a snack at work or on the go.



Recipe makes 15 Bites

1 Serving =  15 Bites, 4 SP, and 163 calories



30 Fiber Gourmet Cheddar Thinables

4 Tbsp powdered peanut butter (such as PB2)

2 Tbsp water



In a small bowl, combine the powdered peanut butter with the water to form a thick and creamy peanut butter mixture. Spread a little of the mix onto a cracker and top with a second cracker to make a sandwich. Repeat with all crackers to make 15 sandwiches.

Optional: Serve bites with veggie sticks or apple slices for an even more satisfying snack.


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