Brooklyn Bred Pizza Crust

Hey Food Finders!

A few months back I kept seeing one of the group members in my Facebook group, Weight Watcher Food Finds, talking about this pizza crust called Brooklyn Bred Pizza Crust (Thanks Cindy!). It took awhile for me to find it but, man was it worth the search!


This is one hearty pizza crust, which can hold oodles and oodles of veggies and sauce without making it soggy! ¼ of this HUGE crust is only 4 SP and 140 calories! Check the Brooklyn Bred website and click on the “Where To Buy” for stores carrying it near you. If you can’t get it locally, Amazon sells it in bulk and you can store it in your freezer!

Recipe Inspiration:

Untitled design (8).png

I made a Chicken Cacciatore Pizza out of ingredients that I had stocked at home! If you'd like the full recipe for my unbelievably yummy pizza using the Brooklyn Bred Pizza Crust,