The Secret to Making Creamy Soup

Hey Food Finders!

I want to introduce you to my absolute favorite kitchen appliance for cooking soup. I can’t live without mine.  It makes creating creamy soups (without any cream) a snap!

It goes by many names including an Immersion blender, Hand blender, and Stick blender (to name just a few).  But they all boil down to being your best friend in the cold weather soup-making months.


Reasons to Love the Immersion Blender

I am constantly using my immersion blender.  It literally works cooking magic! This handheld blender can take a pot full of broth and cooked vegetables to a silky and creamy decadent creation. Most of them are inexpensive (under $40), they are a snap to clean, and come in lots of different fun colors. Some of them even come with extra accessories.


I am starting a new feature on my blog starting this coming Saturday (9-15-18) called

“Souper Saturday!”

I will be posting a new homemade soup recipe ever Saturday for the next 8 weeks, and you are definitely going to need one of these babies!

I highly recommend getting an immersion blender if you plan on following along and making soups with me! Not only will it make them easier and faster to make, but it is also infinitely safer than trying to transfer the hot broth and vegetables from the pot to a regular blender.


Trust Me on This!

Get yourself an immersion/hand/stick blender and join me this Saturday for the first soup in the series!

See you Saturday for some delicious homemade soup-making!


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Get Ready for Souper Saturday!

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