Top 5 Healthy Halloween Treats

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What upcoming holiday fills people who are health and weight conscious with both excitement and dread?  You guessed it...Halloween! Halloween marks the official beginning of the Holiday Season.


Going off the Deep End

The thought of all the chocolate and candy sparks that old excitement of a sack filled with your childhood favorites.  But those same memories quickly lead you to feeling the fear of going off the deep end covered in peanut butter cups, milky ways, and candy corn!

Many people are even afraid to purchase candy to give away for fear of eating it all themselves. 


The Top 5 Healthy Halloween Treats

I searched around and found some portion controlled, non chocolate, Halloween treats to give away which are less likely to trigger a binge. Pick up one or two bags of these, and you will fly through Halloween with ease! I have seen some of these locally at Walmart, Costco, and Target, or you can order them through the Amazon links below.

1) Garden Veggie Halloween Chips

2 SP and 70 calories per snack bag


2) Utz Halloween Mini Cheese Balls

1 SP and 35 calories per snack bag


3) Utz Halloween Pretzel Treats

1 SP and 50 calories per snack bag


4) Jelly Belly Kids Mix

2 SP and 30 calories per snack bag


So don’t let the thought of Halloween treats scare you!

Just pick your giveaways wisely, and enjoy the fun!

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Happy Halloween!

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